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Atomic Resolution TEM

The JEOL JEM-ARM200F double Cs-corrected Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) is an Atomic Resolution Microscope (ARM) with a field emission cathode and integrated correction of the spherical aberrations (Cs) of the objective and condenser lenses. Imaging modes include high-resolution TEM (with a resolution of 110 pm) and STEM (with a resolution of 78 pm). The ARM enables atom-by-atom imaging resolution and atom-to-atom chemical mapping of materials. Analytical attachments include a large solid angle energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) and a duel electron energy loss spectrometer (EELS).
The ARM is fitted with an advanced GIF (Quantum) electron spectrometer with dual EELS capabilities. EELS is used to identify the elements present and provide information about the crystal structure. With the GIF Quantum it is possible to do 3D electron tomography in EFTEM mode. The new generation Oxford XMax 100 TLE high collection angle, ultra-sensitive EDS detector represents current state-of-the-art in EDS. It also compliments the Gatan EEL spectroscopy system and allows significant possibilities in terms of combined EELS and EDS analyses at ultra-high spatial resolution covering the complete detection range from light elements to heavier elements at low dwell times as to minimize sample damage.
The ARM is housed in a purpose-built room that limits environmental variations (vibration, thermal, moisture and electrical interference). This is an absolute necessity for the instrument to perform at ultra-high resolution.





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