Centre for High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy

Our Services

The core services provided by the Centre for HRTEM include:
Postgraduate and postdoctoral support and training: Postgraduate and postdoctoral positions are available at the Centre for HRTEM. Prospective students are advised to explore our website for more information on possible research fields and study opportunities. The Centre also provides advanced microscopy support and training to postgraduate students and researchers from a wide range of disciplines who do not have the required facilities at their host institutions. Details on the application process can be found on the access page of our website.

Operator training: In addition to training postgraduate students, the Centre also provides training to microscope operators at electron microscope facilities across the country.
Consultancy: The Centre provides consultancy and microscopy services to industry, R&D institutions and academic institutions.
Sample preparation: The Centre provides sample preparation services in instances where the requested techniques are not available at the host institution.

General Enquiries (no bookings)

For general enquiries only. For booking requests visit our Access Link.

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