Centre for High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy

undergraduate / HONOURS opportunities

Electron Microscopy and Materials Physics at the Nelson Mandela University

The Nelson Mandela University undergraduate and honours physics curriculum provides a strong grounding for those students wishing to pursue a career in electron microscopy and materials physics. Interested students need to complete:

  • a BSc degree (majoring in physics);
  • a BSc Physics Honours degree; and
  • at least an MSc degree in a relevant field.

Follow these useful links for more information:

Centre for HRTEM Scholarship 

Exceptional matriculants and undergraduate BSc students may qualify to enter into our mentorship programme. Successful students are offered financial support and assigned a study mentor to enhance their academic development. To be considered for this scholarship, students must register for a BSc degree, majoring in physics and one of the following: chemistry, mathematics, applied mathematics, or computer science. (Subject to the availability of funds)

Other Undergraduate and Honours Bursaries

The Bursary Booklet has been compiled by the University Financial Aid office to assist prospective and current undergraduate and Honours students with information on available sources of funding for their studies. The booklet contains information on funding available from the University, NSFAS, as well as a wide range of companies, foundations and other organisations. Some awards are made to specific categories of people, or to students studying in particular fields only, while others are more widely applicable. 


Also see postgraduate funding opportunities for possible honours bursaries.


General Enquiries (no bookings)

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